Signature Double Sided built in Bioethanol Fireplace


The Signature double sided built in bioethanol fireplace by Signi Fires® is a see through fireplace that can be viewed from two rooms or areas at the same time. The Signature range of double sided built in fireplaces come in 2 model options and you can choose to have the main body in 304 brushed stainless steel or black high heat powder coat. The two models are Classic and Grand XL. The Classic double sided fireplace is approximately 900mm wide and the Grand XL 1100mm.

The fascias either side of the fireplace are available in three colors, white, black and brushed stainless steel. The fireplace fascias are removable and you can have different colors on either side. The fascias cover the hole in your wall to give the double sided fireplace a neat finish.

A double sided built in bioethanol fireplace does not require a chimney or fixed gas pipe. They are considered to be vent free or flue less fireplaces. You do, however, need to check that your room’s size is in line with the minimum room size specifications for each size of fireplace. The Signature collection is larger, more robust and more powerful that the Slimline collection of double sided bioethanol fireplaces.


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