Sagra Closed Combustion Wood Fireplace

 The Lacunza Sagra freestanding wood fireplace is a freestanding modern closed combustion fireplace. The body of the fireplace is produced with heavy gauge steel and the door is manufactured in cast iron. What makes the Sagra a very attractive option is its price and its very sensitive air control. A sensitve air control is the mark of a quality closed combustion fireplace.  With more control of air flow you can extract more efficiency from your slow burning fireplace. The Sagra impresses with an European certified nominal heat output of 12.5kW and a max output of 14kW.

Steel Plate stove
Steel interior
Stainless-steel ash pan
Double combustion control with air wash
150mm flue top connection
Cast Iron door
Sagra 12.5 to 14 kW / h


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