Outdoor Rectangular Gas Fire Pit 800

The outdoor rectangular gas fire pit is an absolute must for outdoor entertainment areas. Nothing beats sitting around a warm and cosy fire pit whilst making memories with family and friends. This outdoor rectangular gas fire pit is easy to use and robust. Made from grade 304 stainless steel it will withstand most outdoor environments. The gas fire pit burner comes standard with drainage holes.

The gas fire pit is fitted with a manual electronic ignition but can be ordered with the Signi Fires automated valve and control system. The automated system allows you to control your gas fire pit with a remote control, the Signi Fires App or with home automation.

When designing the structure in which to place the gas fire pit please make sure that you allow for drainage and fresh air. The gas fire pit requires fresh air from below the burner to operate effectively. Use the same opening at ground level for air intake and drainage. The outdoor gas fire pit comes standard with a control cover box.

This control box is powder coated and needs to be installed into the side wall of your structure no more than 1.2m from the center of the fire pit. This is only relevant for the standard electronic ignition system, the automated option does not come with the control box. The outdoor rectangular gas fire pit comes standard with grey granite rocks to fill the burner. The quantity of stones supplied is to fill the burner only. Speak to us if you require additional stones to fill the top of your structure around the fire pit.

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