Nuovo Gas Pizza Oven

Nuovo Gas Pizza Oven
Nuovo meaning New or Fresh in Italian is exactly what this Pizza oven offers. The Nuovo gas fired Pizza Oven is the latest innovation in pizza ovens. The Nuovo utilizes a ceramic gas burner to achieve its optimal temperature within minutes. Quick and hassle free, no mess no fuss. With the Nuovo your family can now enjoy amazing pizza’s, bread, stews, and slow roasted meats with the turn of a button.

The Nuovo can be used indoors or outdoors and does not require installation or a chimney. No chimney means the Nuovo is mobile and with it’s low weight it is easy to move. Effortless and easy, the supplied hose and regulator simply screws into a gas cylinder and and presto you are ready to cook.

The stainless steel door is used to control the heat to cook pizza, bread, roasting meat and making stews. The cooking chamber is fully welded and made from stainless steel for longevity and robustness.

The insulative design of the Nuovo gas pizza oven allow the Nuovo to be placed on any combustible work top. Choose from multiple colours that suit your living environment. The Nuovo Pizza Oven is designed and made by Signi Fires in Cape Town and sent all over the world to happy families to make amazing memories.

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