Faber Aspect Premium See Through Gas Fireplace (ST)

The Aspect Premium see through gas fireplace is part of the premium collection from Faber. The Aspect Premium see through gas fireplace is ideally used as a double sided fireplace between two areas of an open plan living room. View the beautiful flames from both sides of the room. The Premium gas fireplace collection come standard with remote control as well as a dedicated smart device App. The App transforms the Aspect Premium see through gas fireplace into a smart home appliance. With the App you can connect the fireplace to your home network. You can set programs based on date and time, temperature or control the output with an easy manual digital dial.

The Aspect Premium see through gas fireplace is available in either large or extra large sizes and you can choose between a log fuel bed or white stones.

The famous Faber flame effect starts with their patented burners. This Faber specialisation is based on years of in-house development and experience. Together with the decorations, such as a log set, the burner determines the ‘character’ of the fire. You can choose to activate the full burner to broadly spread in the fire, just in the middle or just the sides. This dynamic gas fireplace offer you full control. If you are the person that wants control over every aspect your life, then this fireplace is for you.

Patented Log Burner 2.0 provides a full, beautiful flame effect where you can lose yourself for hours. Even at a low setting, the fire is still beautifully full!

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